LinxLAO Service

Cloud System & Database Implementation

> High Performance and Reliable
> Security concerning.
> Distributed database and Synchronization.
> Integratable with any Infrastructure environment.
> Big-Data ready.
> Full customized Analytics technique.
> OpenStack Implementation to drive of Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud base Web & Mobile Application

> Ready for IOS & Android & Browser.
> UI/UX analysis & design.
> Field prove application usage.
> App publication for Apple AppStore and Google Play Store
> Real-time application such chat/voice Interactive Dashboard
> Online/Offline Application technique

High Performance/Availability/Security

> Optimized solution for maintain Performance and Security
> Mixed and Maximized of High Availability technic and Usability
> Controllable and Tractable of System Access
> Privacy and Public Policy Classification
> Physical to Application Security
> Authentication/Authorization/Accounting for Multi Serviced of Intranet

Network & System Integration

> High End System of Performance/Throughput requirement
> Multi-Vendor/Brand of device
> Scalable of Infrastructure
> Low-Cost of Overall System
> Manageable and Monitoring for All Network Layers
> Appliance Product Experience
> Commercial Product & Open Source

Embedded and Internet of Things

> High speed / High density / High availability and High End design.
> Standard interfacing circuit.
> Firmware development with special constraints.
> Coverage integration for most popular bus communication such I2C, USB, SDIO etc.
> Coverage any level of hardware debug & troubleshooting
> Experience with High-End measurement tools such Logic Analyzer and Spectrum Analyzer.
> Wired and Wireless integration

Embedded and Internet of Things

> Standardize and World wide integration.
> Plugable and Ready to run.
> Back-End system with Cloud service to support mass device operation.
> Real-Time & Data Distribution Technique for off-load and balancing the Quality of Service.
> Security concerning design for specific application.
> Any Communication protocol support.
> Automatic Workflow with BPM interaction.