LinxLAO Company Limited


Research & Development

LinxLAO Company Limited was started up in researches and developments of a communication system. In order, to provide the service of systems and network infrastructure integration, and then contribute to formed stronger engineer and developer team to deliver an innovative, optimized, cost effective and profitable solution to the Clients.
In state of the art, LinxLAO deliverable an expertise in System Infrastructure in compromised secure, Cloud/Virtualization, Business Process Transformation, Big-Data Analytics, and IoT/Embedded.
Day a now, The Digital Transformation are the key to success business, Then,
“We are The Digital Transformer.”

Software & Application Development 

● Agile Development​ Workflow.

● Strong in ​Business Process Management​ with ​BPMN​ standard.

● Efficiency of system Interface view for User (​UI​)

● Simplified of User eXperience (​UX​)

● Real-Time ​application for specific requirement for  Intranet/Extranet application.

● Provides an optimized solution to critical requirement.  Mobile application for multi platform IOS, Android and Window  phone.

● Flexible of

○ CMS – Content Management System.

○ ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning.

○ CRM – Customer Relationship Management system.

○ MRP – Manufacturing Resource Planning system.

○ Location based application with google map integration.

● Scalable and Distributed Database System​ up to ​Big-Data​.

● Smart home and ​environmental sensor​ such water and  electrical.

● Warehouse and Inventory management​ / BarCode and QR  Code with smartphone.

● Cloud based application development. 

System Integration 

Broadband network Design and Implementation for High  throughput/Bandwidth in speed of gigabit network, with High  Availability system.

● DNS system.

● Firewall/IPS

● Authentication system.

● Web hosting and Cloud system.

● Mail Server

● Database system and Data center with clustering system.

● Network monitoring system.

● Real-time Log analysis and analytic.

● VoIP gateway system. 

Network Infrastructure Security (with Open Source / Appliance) 

● Physical Layer and Layer 2 Security design.

● Mail Gateway Anti-Spam / Mail Server Security

● Intrusion Detection/Prevention System

● DNS Security and Attack Prevention

● Network Access Control / Centralize Authentication with LDAP

● Security VPN / IPSec

● OS / Application Security 

Embedded Development

● Internet of Thing end to end solution.

● Complex of Embedded system design and development  Environmental sensor.

● High speed communication such USB.

● Low Level System programming.

● High density of PCB design.

● FPGA & DSP development.

● Specific system development.

● Automation of Multimedia content management.

● Large system VoIP and Virtual PBX.

● RF communication.

● 3G Network bandwidth aggregation.

● Smart Meter and Power Saving System.